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Propane Delivery

As a leading propane provider in Southwestern Nebraska, you can count on Hi-Line Cooperative’s route delivery service to keep your home warm in the winter and outdoor activities fueled in the summer. We can put customers on a delivery route where we conveniently top off tanks as needed. We also offer complete propane sales and delivery for our industrial and agriculture customers. Propane bottle refills are available at our C-Stores in Wallace, Elsie and Sutherland.

We offer different payment options for our home heat, crop drying and industrial contracts. Please contact Hi-Line Cooperative’s Energy Salesman, Tyson Schroeder, at 308.353.0303 for current pricing and contract details.

Propane Safety

When proper safeguards are observed, propane provides a safe, efficient and reliable way to heat your home, farm or business. We’re glad that you selected Hi Line Cooperative to deliver propane to your property, where your safety and well-being is very important to us.

Read below for some general safety tips concerning your equipment. For any questions on the properties of propane or propane safety, you can visit propane101.com, or contact an energy team member. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Through years of research and practice, the propane industry has identified three things that are critical to keeping you safe:

  • Don’t let a tank run out of propane. If the tank does run out, it is imperative to perform a leak check before returning the tank to service. Performing leak checks takes time, so we encourage you to use our scheduled delivery program.
  • Perform a leak test on the propane system once every 5 years, even if there are no indications of a problem or leak. Our drivers can provide this service.
  • Replace all regulators when they reach the manufacturer’s recommended replacement age. Many manufacturers recommend replacing a propane regulator after 15 years. Some manufacturers make regulators that have a 20-year rating, so check the date stamp on your regulator to know for sure. Keeping them in service past this point presents a safety risk, even if they still seem to be working fine.

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