Hi-Line Custom Applications

Hi-Line custom applications are what you need to keep your farm going. Whether you're early or running out of time, we have the people and machines to take care of your fields.

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About Custom Applications

We are equipped with 6 dry machines, 10 liquid machines and a combined 100+ years of applicator experience to be the relief valve for farmers when help is needed the most. We have tactically planned to have enough people and machines that are always readily available for our farmers.

Hi-Line Applicators

When you work with Hi-Line for your field’s custom applications, you will always get an experienced applicator behind the wheel. With an average of 8+ years of experience in each of our operators, these hard workers know what they’re doing and will get the job done before you have a chance to ask.

New Machines

At Hi-Line, you can be sure the equipment we run on your fields won’t break down mid-job. Our standard is to renew our equipment earlier than industry standards, so your operation is always taken care of safely and efficiently, with low risk of on-the-job failure.

All in a Days Work (or half)

Our machinery can apply up to 12,000 acres per day, and that’s our standard. If you have less acres, we won’t work slower. Our applicators will be able to cut that time down accordingly so you can get back to everything else!

Only the Masters

Our operators each have on average 8+ years of experience so you have a master behind the wheel who will be able to answer your questions and finish the job quickly.

Hi-Line Custom Applications

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