Hi-Line Crop Scouts

Your go-to partner for any advice and assessment you need for your fields. One of our newest additions to Hi-Line, crop scouting is necessary to stay on top of your field's needs.

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Hi-Line Crop Scouts

We have a team of dedicated crop scouts to give you advice on anything related to your fields. Weekly, and whenever you need them, our crop scouts will assess your crops. They look for everything, from red-alerts to what’s working, so you get an in-depth perspective from an experienced human eye.

Our Scouts

Hi-Line crop scouts stay up-to-date with the newest information regarding the many things that could be affecting your fields. While they are available throughout the entire year, our scouts take continuing education classes during the winter, to ensure they have the answers when you ask.

Something for Everyone

Our crop scouts stay in the loop with continued education every year to fully know the ins and outs of your fields.

Weekly Appointments

Our crop scouts will get out in your fields weekly so you never miss a change in your crops.

Never Sell

Our crop scouts will never try to sell you anything; they exist only as counsel. This allows them to stay focused, with their mind on your fields.

Hi-Line Crop Scouts

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